About Us

American Girl Dolls are overtaking Barbie as the most popular doll on the market and it's clear to see why - your daughter gets more than just a toy, she gets a friend, and here at Avanna Girl, we're interested in cementing that friendship through high-quality handmade clothing. 

We keep up with the trends and make pieces that are wearable by both doll and owner. Most of my doll clothes are totally hand made by me, however I do offer a few manufactured items for a less expensive option. Our fabrics for the handmade items are high quality and the clothes we make for either you or your doll are created with the highest level of care - these are clothes you'll treasure for years!

I'm a grandmother, living in Memphis, Tennessee who has discovered a joy for making doll clothes and I'd love to share this joy with all of you. 

Are you an Avanna Girl? Take a look at our contemporary styles to find the perfect fit for you and your doll, or contact us and we can create the look you've always wanted!


Contact me:  mlamm@avannagirl.com